Kalashnikov: Man, Weapon, Legend.

We have put this page together for everyone that can't hop over to Saint Petersburg to check out the new exhibition called "Kalashnikov: Man, Weapon, Legend" at the military-history artillery, engineer-corps and signal-corps museum. The exhibition opened in November 2004. It is a tribute to the life and work of Mikhail Kalashnikov who kicked off the opening with an appearance. He looked to be in good physical condition and refreshed.

The exhibit includes such unique weapons as the world's only Russian-made 7.62-mm 1944 self-loading carbine, the No. 1 AK-47 assault rifle, as well as the 5.45-mm AK-74 assault rifle, which was adopted in 1974. It also has for display many of the AK variants produced in other countries. A lot of Mr. Kalashnikov's personal effects such as awards and gifts are on display from his museum. Part of this exhibition is devoted to Kalashnikov's literary work and public activities, featuring his books "A Gunsmith's Diary" and "From Foreign Lands to the Spassky Gates". They are all on sale at the exhibition as well. Unfortunately we were not able to get a copy of the film they are showing on his life because the exclusive rights belong to a Russian TV station.

If you are going to visit the exhibition they have many activities and oral tours. You can take apart and assemble AKM (AK-74) and Kalashnikov light machine-gun mock-ups under the supervision of museum attendants. It is a very nice exhibit and we do apologize for the poor quality of the video (blame it on our camcorder) and the pictures (blame it on all the glare, Plexiglas, etc.). We hope you like it! Click on the pictures to enlarge. Best viewed using a high speed connection.