Dealer Reseller Program

As an independent reseller for Kalinka Optics Warehouse, you have all the advantages of a low-cost retailer, without the operating costs. You sell according to your business plan while providing your clients with customer service, pricing, and billing. Take advantage of the myriad opportunities to make money at gunshows,conventions, sports gatherings, local shops and on the web. Kalinka Optics Warehouse Reseller Program gives you the opportunity to offer your customers our complete line of optics. As an authorized wholesaler you would benefit from volume-based discounts, sales support information and company advertising. Be the first reseller in your area and take advantage of the high volume sales to be found at your local gun shows and conventions. Outfit your local police and benefit from their large procurement budgets each year! If you would like to find out more about our Reseller Program contact the sales department at distribution@kalinkaoptics.com.  Basic dealer information is available below.

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Kalinka Optics Dealer Program Overview

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Kalinka Optics Compliance Form

If you decide to pursue a dealer account with us, please print, sign and return the Kalinka Optics Compliance Form to us at distribution@kalinkaoptics.com.  We will accept scanned and email copies as well as those mailed to us at:

Kalinka Optics Warehouse
4705 Southport Supply Road. Suite #208
Southport, NC 28461

Law Enforcement Agencies

In the Kalinka Optics Warehouse family there is a lot of law enforcement experience from retired officers to active officers who consult. From state troopers, city patrolmen, SWAT members and bomb squad techs Kalinka Optics Warehouse has been impacted by the law enforcement experience of its staff and extended family. We even have a nuke (engineer that is) who served in the engine room of the fast attack submarine SSN 709 Hyman G. Rickover. From all of this we have a particular affinity for all of those out every day sacrificing to keep us safe. We extend complete dealer pricing to all active law enforcement agencies with no minimums and free freight and delivery regardless of order size. We work actively with various levels and types of law enforcement to precisely meet their needs. We take this aspect of our work very seriously; we know that our equipment could be the difference. For more information please contact us at distribution@kalinkaoptics.com.