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KOM 8x48, Illuminated 1000m Reticle Scope, 47mm Universal SVD Mount

  • Manufacturer: Kalinka Optics
  • Delivery: 2-4 Days
  • Availability: In stock

Quick overview

47 mm mount with 8x48 Pilade Scope, Illuminated 1000 m Dragunov Reticle. The newest scope with precision machining and good stability characteristics, you will find this scope ideal for aimed shooting in variable terrain.
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We understand that with so many choices of optics and mounts available, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the options and select the best components for your needs.  The KOM series of pre-mounted optics from Kalinka Optics Warehouse take all of the guesswork out of this process allowing you to purchase one item and know that you are getting the right parts the first time.  Kalinka has every KOM optic assembled and aligned at the factory using collimating equipment to produce a true “mount and shoot” optic that is ready to use the second you receive it.  All KOM optics offer the lowest possible mount height for AK, SVD and SKS/Mosin-Nagant rifles for that perfect cheek weld while providing true center bore alignment as well.  During the assembly process we set each optic for ideal eye-relief and the adjustable diopter ring allows for even finer tuning for that perfectly clear view.  The KOM series is available in several fixed and variable magnifications to allow customers to choose the right amount of magnification for their needs.  Each is also available in several heights; 30mm, 40mm, 47mm, 59mm, 65mm and 75mm.  AK rifles and variants require a minimum of 59mm and SVD rifles require a minimum of 47mm.  SKS and Mosin-Nagant rifles equipped with a side rail can use all heights of KOM optics. To determine what height it right for you, simply measure from the center of your side rail to the top of the receiver cover.  This will be the clearance amount your rifle requires. It is recommended to select a higher mount than the minimum if you wish to use your iron sights as well. Larger magnifications (48mm and up) may require you to go up two additional heights. Picatinny Monoblock mounts fit all Picatinny rails.

Mount Height – 47 mm

Optic - 8x48 Pilade Scope, Illuminated 1000 m Dragunov Reticle

Kalinka Optics Warehouse carries only the finest rifle scopes. While there are several companies in the world that make quality scopes, ours are certainly the only that combine professional performance without breaking the bank. The only thing better than owning a world-class instrument is owning one inexpensively. Our scopes are based on Soviet military designs, which are extremely rugged and have the very best optical properties. The factory is small, private, and with the very best quality control. Like most Russian optics, the PO 8x48 L is made in the Zeiss tradition. The optics sold here are of the highest quality for military, law enforcement and sporting use. Compare their performance and price with Leupold and other top brands. Designed for smooth bore weapons of any caliber, the Pilade series is a top hunting model. The scope allows easy and precise aiming without the parallax inherent to mechanical sights. As you would expect in a superior scope there is no grid floating when you move your eye so you always stay lined up. This 1000 m Dragunov Rangefinder Illuminated Reticle is an extremely effective and useful while shooting at moving targets and/or using small shot or buckshot. It can be used effectively with any caliber of weapon. The 8x48 L comes with an illuminated reticle that lets you see where you are aiming in the worst light conditions. Unlike most scopes, where the sighting rings are covered by caps and need a screwdriver to adjust, these scopes have exposed rings for quick adjustment, every turret's click is equal to 25 mm at 100 m or 1/4 mil. Although the rings are exposed and may be moved, you can instantly return to your zero point just by turning the rings so that two red marks line up. Batteries for this scope can be found at the bottom of this page or in the Batteries and Bulbs section.

Mount - Universal bottom mount will accept most standard side rails and comes with both front and rear stop pins installed.  Simply remove the stop pin that is not required for rifle's side rail type.

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Brief Overview of KOM Optics

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kalinka Optics
Magnification 8x
Objective Aperture 50 mm
Windage 1/4 MOA
Tube Diameter 1"
Parallax Control No
Illuminated 9 Setting Variable
Reticle 1000m Dragunov
Eyepiece Housing Standard
Field of View 3.2o
Field of View at 1000 m 56 m
Eye Relief 74 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 6 mm
Independent Focus +5/-5
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Mount Type 1" Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) or Weaver rail
Waterproof Yes
Color Black
Temperature -51C to +45C
Power Source 3V (2 x AG12)
Battery Life 50 hours
Overall Dimensions No
Item Weight 1 pounds
Condition New
Warranty 1 year

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