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VPOI 4-16x44 Veber SF IR Wolf Series w/ IlluminX Reticle®. US Mil-Dot, SFP

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  • Manufacturer: Kalinka Optics
  • Delivery: 2-4 Days
  • Availability: In stock

Quick overview

VPOI 4-16x44 Veber SF IR Wolf Series w/ IlluminX Reticle®. WA Rifle Scope with 5-setting Dual Green/Blue Illuminated US Mil-Dot Reticle, 30 mm LightMaster Tube and Side Parallax Eliminating Dual Focus System - Dual Green/Blue Reticle Illumination, Side Parallax Adjustment and No Tool Turret Adjustments.

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VPOI 4-16x44 Veber SF IR Wolf Series w/ IlluminX Reticle® WA Rifle Scope with the following features…

  • Multi-setting Dual Green/Blue Illuminated US Mil-Dot Reticle
  • 30 mm LightMaster Tube
  • Side Parallax Eliminating Dual Focus System
  • No Tool Required Turret Adjustments


Any hunter worth his salt knows that the best shots on the biggest game usually happen in the last shooting light of the day. European hunters have known this for a long time, and most European scopes reflect this simple fact of hunting.  Building on the technology created by Carl Zeiss-Jena, our VPOI LightMaster Series brings this European technology to you!

The LightMaster one-piece 30mm tubes, wide angle oversized objectives and one of the best proprietary lens coatings in the industry, coupled with an IlluminX 11-setting illuminated dot that won't overpower or "wash-out" the shooting picture make the LightMaster Series the perfect choice for that extra half hour when the really big bucks come out to play! Professionally ground wide-angle lenses with excellent edge to edge clarity and crisp lines visible to the edges, a rotating fine focus objective on our higher magnification scopes for parallax elimination and exact adjustments in minutes of angle provide exceptional performance.

Kalinka Optics has created and patented the Veber Scope Design Principle (VSDP) which uses advanced lens coatings, scope construction and an etched illuminated reticle to create an extremely bright image at last daylight for maximum effectiveness for that most important hunting time of the day. VSDP is the key to providing surpassing clarity affordably. VSDP is named in honor of famous Soviet WWII sniper Corporal Veber Kovbasa, known to the Germans simply as Veber - The Weaver (of Deception). Veber worked from a network of at least three connected trenches; one for sleeping and two or more for firing. He would dig fake positions in front of neighboring platoons and set up white flags attached to levers. Waiting for the last light of the day when visibility was low he would start one of the little white flags waving. The Germans could not help rising up for a better but fatal look. Using the latest improvements in Maximum Efficiency Light Transfer such as vacuum lens coating and multi-layer broadband lens multi-coating processes, we have achieved excellent light transmission characteristics without the excessive costs of other high-end scopes. VSDP improves lens efficiency by eliminating surface reflections, improving light transmission, and image contrast. While others cut corners and cost by using thinner and lighter materials, the VPOI ImageMaster 30mm tube body is thick, aiding thermal stability for consistent zero and reduced deformation of internal components, improving tracking and repeatability. The optical elements are retained in a machined cell of aircraft grade aluminum, then hand bedded for maximum stability. The internals are anodized with a non-reflective finish and the surface anodized with a matte-black finish, which provides surface hardening and reduction of glare. The VPOI series has long eye relief for comfortable use by eye-glass wearers and the special independent focusing system on higher magnification models eliminates parallax, keeping your target where you want it, between the crosshairs! The focusing system additionally has a binocular style focusing ring to compensate for your eye characteristics. The LightMaster tubes are nitrogen pressurized to keep air, moisture and particulate out and prevent fogging. The VPOI comes with batteries and a lens cap to protect the objectives. The only thing better than owning a world-class instrument is owning one inexpensively, compare with Leupold and other top brands; we believe you'll find the glass, resolution and functionality equal or better at a much lower price. All Kalinka Optics VPOI scopes have a limited lifetime warranty covering the reticle as well as the Kalinka Optics full fit and finish 12 month warranty and 15-day money back guarantee.

Comes without carry case (sold separate)

Translated Manual Available

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kalinka Optics
Magnification 4-16x
Objective Aperture 44 mm
Field of View 10-2.8o
Field of View at 1000 m 68-19 m
Eye Relief 104 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 8.78-2.32 mm
Windage 1/8 MOA
Independent Focus +5/-5
Tube Diameter LightMaster® 30 mm
Reticle US Mil-Dot
Illuminated 5 Setting Variable
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Waterproof Yes
Mount Type Any
Color Black
Temperature +45 to -45oC
Power Source 3V (CR2032)
Battery Life 300 hours
Overall Dimensions 385x85x74 mm
Item Weight 1.8 pound
Condition New

Customer Reviews

Not my last VeberReview by Matthew16.03.2017
Best functioning scope I've used in this price range. Russian optics are far superior to China made optics with American brand names. Very pleased.
Excellent optics!Review by Alex19.01.2017
Great optics - comparable (after 2 weeks of everyday studies) in optics to my Zeiss HD5 3-15x42 and Leupold VX6
3-18x50 CDS-ZL, I also own. This Wolf series scope is definitely better that Zeiss (Zeiss good scopes probabaly start with Victory HT). In addition, Wolf has much larger filed of view, while Zeis seems ``claustrophobic'' at higher magnification and less detailed than Wolf. Comparing to Leupold VX6: depending on the light and mood in some situations I prefer Veber, in others Leupold. I think Veber is better in difficult light conditions as it has a more contrast picture, while VX6 in the same situations seems washed out and difficult to see much. This difference in cotrast makes Veber be subjectively more detailed, while VX6 is much brighter (but somehow worse at low light). I did not compare them in terms of obuse.

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