CTS 3-12x50 Multipurpose Collimator Scope, Illuminated Reticle

CTS 3-12x50 Multipurpose Collimator Scope, Illuminated Reticle

KOM 12x50 Pilade Scope, Side Parallax, Illuminated 1000m Reticle with 65 mm Side Mount VEPR

KOM 12x50 Side Parallax, Illuminated 1000m Scope, 65 mm Side Mount, VEPR Edition

Eagle Eye 3/9x30 Bi-Focal Scope, Picatinny Mount

The Eagle Eye 3/9x30 is a bi-focal scope with a picatinny mount made by RusOpticalSystem

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The Eagle Eye 3/9x30 is a bi-focal scope with a picatinny mount made by RusOpticalSystem, a successor of the well known ZOMZ FZA, who were the manufacturer of the tank-like PPO and PZL tactical rifle scopes. These new scopes have an unprecedented technical design never seen before.  Specifically the shooter is able to view two images of a target simultaneously.  This is similar to picture in picture television viewing.  The lower part of the field of view has a 9.2x magnified section for enhanced detail and the rest of the view is at 3.6x magnification, i.e. the shooter can examine closely the object shown in the center of field of view and survey a wide space around the target.  You really will not find this option anywhere else. With a picatinny mounts integrated into the scope body, you don't need anything else to start your perfect shooting. Elevation and windage adjustments are 1/10 mil.

The sight ensures more accurate aiming without any parallax (a shift of image relative to the plane of the reticle) which is inherent of iron sights.  This means that the target and the reticle both can be seen equally sharp. There are rubber seals for higher moisture resistance and to prevent condensation plus the inside of the scope is filled with nitrogen which further helps prevent fogging. There are flip-up plastic covers on the objective and the eyepiece which are quickly opened by one pressing if required.
The operating temperature range of the sight is from - 45° to 50° С. The scope minimal focusing distance is 20 m.
A definite BEST CHOICE!

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More Information
Manufacturer ROS Optics
Magnification 3/9x
Objective Aperture 30 mm
Field of View 7.6/1
Field of View at 1000 m 133/18
Eye Relief 70 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 8.4/3.3
Windage 1/10 MIL
Reticle Non-standard
Illuminated None
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Mount Type 1" Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) or Weaver rail
Waterproof Yes
Color Black
Temperature +45 to -45oC
Power Source None
Overall Dimensions 355 mm long
Item Weight 2 pounds
Condition New
Warranty 1 year
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