PNS mount for 3/8 inch Dovetail-style

PNS mount for 3/8 inch Dovetail-style

Bargain Bin - Specs on Lens - POSP 5-15x50 D VariPOSP PRO .50 BMG w/ Parallax Adjustment 1000m Rangefinder

Bargain Bin Item, The lens has oil spots inside. Not super visible unless looking at solid white surface. No other issues found.

Kalinka's newest model! The newest and strongest scope in POSP series falls in for the Red Army in the next year. Suitable for .50 BMG. Comes with 1000 m Dragunov reticle. 

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POSP 5-15x50 D VariPOSP PRO .50 BMG Rifle Scope w/ Parallax Adjustment, Independent Focus, 1000 m Dragunov reticle, Adjustable Brightness, Picatinny Mount. The newest and strongest scope in POSP series falls in for the Red Army in the next year. Seto to shoot up to 2000 meters, suitable for .50 BMG and have full set of standard POSP options - independent focus, reticle brightness adjustment, PRO turrets - and the most modern options like parallax adjustment on the objective and Dovetail mount. It is built battlefield-tough from magnesium alloy and has fully multi-coated optics. A great assault weapon scope with 1000m Dragunov marked metering grids, these illuminated reticule scopes allow you to determine kill distance as well as to track and observe game in the field. The military reticles have an extremely effective and useful height-based rangefinder for dual use, with graduated scales for both standing and prone figure estimation. The 1000 meter Dragunov height based gradient (choke style) rangefinder has extended distance inverted chevrons providing aiming points for 1200, 1300, and 1400 meters when used with the 7.62x54R caliber. They are particularly effective for .308 caliber weapons which require longer range reticles to make full use of their capabilities. The POSP features a red illuminated reticle which allows you to make perfect kill shots in dusk conditions. Illumination is provided by a simple diode. Models with the D designation feature a fine focus diopiter ring, VariPOSP models have eight brightness settings for greater flexibility in dawn, dusk and dark and the key upgrade in the PRO line is the finer MOA increments giving you much greater precision when zeroing (0.1 Mil for both elevation and windage turrets, 1.5 mil for rough elevation turret). All POSP's feature professionally ground, crystal clear optics, nitrogen filling to prevent lens fogging, and larger diameter tubes for improved light gathering under the most severe conditions. Probably the best scope, dollar for dollar, in the world, it is waterproof and can be used in any climate condition. It comes with a high quality mil-spec finish, and with everything shown in the picture: rubber lens cap, eye piece, and nylon carrying case. If you want the look and performance of a true POSP and place a premium on shooting comfort, this is your best choice. The POSP comes with rubber eyepiece, screwdriver, hex-nut wrench and carry case. Side mount, replacement mount bottoms and batteries can be found in our Accessories section.
Distance, m 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000
Turret position, clicks 0 18 21 27 36 48 60 72 84 96 111
Aiming angle, min 0 6 7 9 12 16 20 24 28 32 37
Be sure to check out our available accessories for the POSP scopes.  Details are covered in the video below.
More Information
Manufacturer Kalinka Optics
Magnification 5-15x
Objective Aperture 50 mm
Field of View 4,30°- 1,50°
Field of View at 1000 m 35 m
Eye Relief 62-82 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 11,3 - 3,2 mm
Windage 1/10 MIL
Independent Focus +3/-3
Reticle 1000m Dragunov
Illuminated 9 Setting Variable
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Mount Type Picatinny
Color Black
Temperature +50 to -50oC
Power Source 3V (CR123)
Battery Life 50 hours
Overall Dimensions 425x105x105 mm
Item Weight 4
Condition New
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