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POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope, 1000m Rangefinder, AK

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  • Manufacturer: Kalinka Optics
  • Delivery: 2-4 Days
  • Availability: In stock

Quick overview

POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope w/ 1000 Meter Rangefinder, AK Version. The POSP series is world famous for its quality and is current military issue for the Red Army.
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The military reticles have an extremely effective and useful height-based rangefinder for dual use, with graduated scales for both standing and prone figure estimation. The 1000 meter Dragunov height based gradient (choke style) rangefinder has extended distance inverted chevrons providing aiming points for 1000, 1100, and 1200 meters when used with the 7.62x54R caliber. Since the range calibrations are measured in equal amounts of MOA, all versions of the POSP can be used effectively with any caliber of weapon. They are particularly effective for .308 caliber weapons which require longer range reticles to make full use of their capabilities. The POSP features a red illuminated reticle which allows you to make perfect kill shots in dusk conditions. Illumination is provided by a simple diode; check our Accessories section for a variety of replacement diodes in various colors. All POSP's feature professionally ground, crystal clear optics, nitrogen filling to prevent lens fogging, and larger diameter tubes for improved light gathering under the most severe conditions. Probably the best scope, dollar for dollar, in the world, it is waterproof and can be used in any climate condition. It comes with a high quality mil-spec finish, and with everything shown in the picture: rubber lens cap, eye piece, and nylon carrying case. If you want the look and performance of a true POSP and place a premium on shooting comfort, this is your best choice. The AK V clamp can easily be mounted to any of these rifles with the standard side rail: AK-47, AKM, AK-74, Vepr, Saiga, K-var, KBI, Hesse, Century and Arsenal USA copies, Romak1/2, SLR-93, SLR-95, SLR-101, MK-11, SAR, WUM, SA85M, WASR (check for installed rail), Maddi, Norinco and Poly-Tech copies.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kalinka Optics
Magnification 4x
Objective Aperture 24 mm
Field of View
Field of View at 1000 m 70 m
Eye Relief 70 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 6.7 mm
Windage 1 MOA
Independent Focus No
Reticle 1000m Dragunov
Illuminated Red
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Waterproof Yes
Mount Type AK, AKM, Saiga, SLR
Color Grey
Temperature +50 to -50oC
Power Source 3V (2 x D-357)
Battery Life 50 hours
Overall Dimensions 280x150x70 mm
Item Weight 1.55 pounds
Condition New

Customer Reviews

Great scope, great value.Review by Ivan Chesnokov17.09.2015
I purchased this scope for a WASR-10/63 I've been working on, and I am quite impressed. I'ts well made, fits snugly (a bit too snugly on my side rail, but hey, can't complain), and is crystal clear. Its also nice that it sits off to the side, so I still have access to the iron sights. The scope is also quite ascetically pleasing on the rifle. Very rugged, and holds a zero quite well. Now its time to start saving up for that Kobra.......
Great value and high quality opticReview by David12.06.2014
The POSP 4x24 Rifle Scope an awesome quality scope at a great price. I looked at a lot of rifle scopes to mount on my SGL-21 and out of all of them this particular scope turned out to be the best choice. The first things I noticed as the clear view through the glass and how solidly built every component was. From the electrical wiring to the sturdiness of the scope mount everything was very rugged. As for accuracy I have consistently shot sub 1 inch groups at 25 meters against 300 meter distance sized silhouette targets.
Pros- This scope can do everything that an ACOG can do but is $800 less i.e. x4 magnification, water proof, has illuminated reticle, and bullet drop compensator
- The stadia metric range finder is quick and simple to use.
- The optic is mounted high enough to allow for the use of iron sights so alternating between short range and long range targets is quick, which is something that is not possible with the ACOG.
- Windage and elevation turrets are simple to adjust and can be locked in place.
- Retains zero after being mounted and re-mounted.

Cons- This scope has critical eye relief, however that is mitigated by the rubber eye piece.
- Left handed shooters will have difficulty using the POSP because once mounted on the rifle it sits slightly to the left of the top cover.

I have experience using both the ACOG and the POSP. If I had to choose one optic it would be the POSP because it is more practical and versatile than the ACOG. Bottom line, it can do more than the ACOG at a quarter of the price.
Great scope, great priceReview by Tsyklon17.04.2014
I have to give this scope a 5/5 in all categories. And kudos to Kalinka as well for the fast shipping!

I'm really impressed with the quality and clarity of the glass at this price. The scope looks and feels very well made and rugged; everything felt solid including the turrets, illumination switch, and mount. Adjustment clicks are very positive and solid and it retains zero with no issues. It fits nice and snug on both my WASR-10/63 and my Zastava N-PAP M70 with minimal adjustment between the two. It even comes with a neat little carrying case that doubles as a scope cover while the scope is mounted. The only thing I can 'complain' about is that the manual provided is in Russian, but no worries, as Kalinka has kindly provided a very thorough English manual in PDF format.

Oh, and another feature worth mentioning is that the rangefinder is calibrated for 1.8m-high targets versus 1.5m 'hunting' configurations, and it does have three chevrons for bullet drop compensation, if those are features you're looking for specifically.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase. Chances are, if I'm ever in need of another AK optic, I'll definitely consider buying from Kalinka again.
Just Great OpticReview by Mr. 5.4506.09.2013
After a long look at all the different optics that can be found on Kalinka's website, I decided to try this one out. The reason was it was similar to the one used or seen on the SVD rifles. Though not having an SVD rifle, however I do have a converted Saiga chambered in 5.45. Mounting the optic was done quite easy for I seen videos on Youtube about this optic already prior to buying this scope. The optic hold up nicely to the 5.45 caliber. Scope is a keeper. Next on my list is the PSO version of this scope.

Optic seemed to held up nicely to the 5.45x39mm cartridge.
The reticle in the optic is truly amazing! Sure there are other scopes out there with a similar reticle, but those usually cost many more.
Battery for the optic is very easy to obtain.

Reticle on my scope sometimes isn't as outline as some of my other scopes like the Bushnell, Nikon and Redfield. This could be due to my eye distant from the scope. This is because the scope height when on the rifle doesn't really for much cheek weld.

Buy this scope for it's unique and costs much less than other scopes out there with a similar reticle.
an excellent optic of superior quality.Review by Ashbritt9839201.03.2013
I bought this scope for my russian vepr chambered in 7.62x54 with 21 inch barrel.It mounted very easily.Holds calibration very well.Zeroing the scope is a breeze.It was an excellent choice and I would purchase from kalinka optics again in the future.
Excellent ScopeReview by Dennis Moran11.09.2010
I tried this scope on two rifles, a Russian Saiga with a long barrel and a Romanian WASR 10/63, both in 7.62x39. Once zeroed for a given rifle, the zero was repeatable after dismounting and remounting the scope. Zeroing the scope and resetting the turrets to the baseline is easy, and these scopes then make range adjustments via the turret knobs a no-brainer. The on-glass calibrations can be used as a speedier alternative whenever necessary. I don't use the 1000 meter rangefinder for shooting purposes after 300 meters, but I find it useful for communicating distances from my position, using hand-held communicators, to other members of my hunting party. These are well-thought-out and well-made optics. Mine happens to have been made by Zenit, a manufacturer of excellent reputation.

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