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Kobra 1S-03 Red Dot, AK and SVD

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  • Manufacturer: Axion
  • Delivery: 2-4 Days
  • Availability: In stock

Quick overview

Kobra Military Red Dot AK 1S-03 Rifle Scope, Universal AK & SVD Side Mount. The latest edition of the world famous Kobra

Regular Price: $399.97

Special Price $359.97

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Kobra Military Red Dot AK 1S-03 Rifle Scope, Universal AK & SVD Side Mount.
The latest edition of the world famous Kobra is an open collimator "red dot" combat optic using laser-generated "heads-up display" (HUD) technology to superimpose a reticle pattern onto a filtered lens which acts as an aiming device for the shooter. This system presents an unobstructed field of view, in 1x power which allows for extremely comfortable, "both eyes open" shooting. On average, most users will see a 1.5 times faster target acquisition and a 50% smaller shot group at 100 meters, in comparison to the iron sights. It is designed for engaging fast moving targets and targets appearing for a short period of time in close quarters and urban combat situations in various light conditions. It provides clear targeting from 104 lx to 10-2 lx (daylight, twilight and moonlight), one- or two-eye targeting, is very effective when shooting from moving vehicles, and allows for perfect kill shots on fast-moving, small and spontaneously appearing targets. It is a recipient of the prestigious Russian Gold Diploma.
The Kobra offers a similar if heavier build-style to the SGC Quatro with an open, L-shaped frame with the lens at the front. And also offers similar features. First and most important is a choice of four aiming marks - single dot, open T, reversed chevron or reversed chevron with dot on top. All these can be selected by the simple push of a button, as opposed to having a dial them in. The ON/OFF is a rotary lever and the rheostat, a rocker switch, are all located on the bottom of right side of the body. At the rear top and left are the adjuster turrets. There's even a tool that allows you to re-zero the turrets if you run out of adjustment. It is a tough, well-built Red Dot with superior features at a fraction of the cost of other similar scopes.A definite Best Buy, the Kobra is currently used by the Russian armed forces, including the most elite units of the Russian Special Forces. It has also been seen in service over the last several years in Caucasus, and is a battle tested design which has proven worthy of the Russian military tradition of reliability, form, and function. It has elevation and windage adjustments, ballistic correction limits from 100-700m, is lightweight, shockproof, has a sealed body, and is for use in severe conditions. The 16-level digital brightness adjustment is an added plus. It has been proven that the Kobra tremendously improves aiming effectiveness, especially at nighttime, resulting in more target hits.
The Kobra AK & SVD version is designed to fit all standard side mounting optics plates currently used on AK and SVD rifles. This includes the Saiga rifle and shotgun, all versions of the Romanian WUM, Romak, CUR, SAR variants, Vepr rifles, and many others. They will also fit the side plate of the Dragunov SVD and the Romanian PSL/FPK/Romak 3. These work on both milled and stamped receivers including on Chinese Polytech and Norinco stamped or milled receivers, Hungarian SA-85 and SA2000, Egyptian Maadi ARM/RPM/RML/Misr-90, etc. If your rifle does not have a side plate, see our Side Rails section for a rail that can be easily installed at home. Comes with everything pictured - carry case, rubber sun hood, tool and cleaning cloth.

Note that this new version of the Kobra now works with one 3V CR 1/2 AA battery for longer life, lower weight characteristics and has an improved battery compartment cap.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Axion
Magnification 1x
Objective Aperture 32 mm
Field of View 6 degrees at 200 mm eye relief
Field of View at 1000 m Unlimited
Eye Relief Unlimited
Eye Relief Diameter Unlimited
Windage No
Reticle Red Dot
Illuminated 16 Setting Variable
Red Dot Size .5 mil
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged No
Mount Type Universal AK & SVD
Waterproof Yes
Color Black
Tube Diameter No
Temperature +50 to -50oC
Power Source 3V (CR 1/2 AA)
Battery Life 200 hours
Overall Dimensions 144x66x144 mm (177 mm with sun hood installed)
Item Weight .9 pounds
Condition New
Warranty 1 year

Customer Reviews

Second Best AK OpticReview by William24.07.2017
This is not my favorite AK optic, it's my second favorite. It costs more that my favorite and isn't any more rugged. It's a good choice, just not the best in my opinion.
Pleasant ExperienceReview by JW08.10.2015
Upon receiving my optic, I noticed there wasn't an adjustment tool included, no question they sent me another one. They also guided me through the process in a very timely manner and always responded quickly. Thank You.
love it!Review by anthony 03.08.2014
very strong, and love the unlimited eye relief both eyes open option. received it from kalinka in 3 days to my door. very happy with purchase. want to get one for every ak i own. just wish i had money. completes the look for a real ak.
Awesome optic.Review by Shawn15.07.2014
This is an awesome optic for your Ak series rifle, due to inflation the price is higher than it used to be, anyways The optic complements your Ak very beautifully. The Kobra is rugged, extremely durable, and it looks like it belongs on an Ak. A must have for the ak74m clones.
Time - testedReview by videodon02.04.2013
I've owned one of these for over 10 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
(I paid considerably less back then)
I had it on a WASR first and recently moved it to an SAR-1.
I naturally had to re-zero for the different rifle but it stays right where I put it.
Perfect Red Dot for a European pattern AKM.
Expensive but worth itReview by D13.03.2013
Price point of $449.97, at the time of this review, is kind of steep especially on a sight that you could only use on one type of weapons platform. But if it's the only one you buy for your AK pattern rifle then it's well worth it.

Although a pain to get zeroed, once it is, you'll never have to fumble with it again. Holds zero even with repeated mounting and dismounting of the optic and holds up extremely well to the recoil of the weapon. Once on, that sucker is not moving.

Extremely durable. I dropped the optic on concrete one time after a shooting session. Nearly pooped myself because I thought I just flushed $400 down the toilet. After further inspection and subsequent test firing I was EXTREMELY relieved to find out that not only did the optic survive the drop on solid concrete, but it held zero. This thing is built like a T-80 tank.

In conclusion, this is a great optic to get for your AK pattern rifle. Although expensive you pay for the quality and ruggedness of this optic. Heck you're buying this optic for your AK. If the optic itself can't survive the abuse that the AK was designed to receive/inflict then there's no sense in buying it.

Final words? Buy it!
Solid Russian Optic.Review by Panheimer23.10.2012
Bought to replace the 4x sporting scope I had on my Saiga, took some getting used to zeroing and resetting the turrets, but its a very versatile adjustment system.

4 different reticles with a digital selection button means you aren't physically rotating lenses and losing your zero, like on cheaper red-dot optics.
Also, there are plenty of brightness settings for varying light conditions.

Price is a little high but still much cheaper than a similar quality US-made collimator sight.

Only thing I'm not looking forward to is replacing the battery, that thing sits very snug in there, and there doesn't seem to be an obviously easy way to remove it.

Very decent optic, very satisfied with it and its very solid for a collimator, though not quite as rugged as a tube sight.
Optic and customer service. Review by Connor17.08.2012
I had purchased one of these while deployed, and when I arrived home on leave I found it was defective(probability dictates no matter how good a product, there will be a lemon). I contacted Kalinka and no questions asked they replaced it. The new one is spot on. This a great optic, I would recommend it to anyone, and on the off chance you have a problem Kalinka is great to deal with.
Good StuffReview by Slim25.02.2012
Delivered as promised. from FL to CA in 3 days! I cant complain! Now for the optic. Very well built, very rugged. Just be careful when you put the sun hood on. I put it on and off about 15 times just so that I could get the feel of it and I accidentally nicked the finish. - 1 star on price and value because for that price? You can buy the PK-AS for cheaper and it is just as good if not better. I bought this because im a purist of sorts and I wanted it for the collection.

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