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Obzor 1P63 Solar White/Green Multipurpose Reticle Red Dot, AK

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  • Manufacturar: NPZ
  • Delivery: 2-3 weeks
  • Availability: Out of stock

Quick overview

The Obzor 1P63 Tactical Combat Scope w/ Solar Dual White/Green Multipurpose Reticle, AK/AKM Mount is exclusively exported by Kalinka Optics.

Availability: Out of stock




Obzor 1P63 Tactical Combat Scope w/ Solar Dual White/Green Multipurpose Reticle, AK/AKM Mount. Exclusively imported by Kalinka Optics, this is the newest collimator made for the Kalashnikov. Representing a new generation of Russian optics production, it is already being used by elite units in Russia's Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD): police, Spetznaz Special Forces, OMON, etc. Such units aren't going to use anything but the best. The Kashtan and the Obzor are use leading edge technologies developed by the NPZ factory. The scope reticle changes its shape in response to light conditions so you literally have three different reticles for daylight, twilight and night conditions. It also has a lever activated tinted lens filter that gives great reticle clarity in bright light conditions, it is a very cool feature and makes this collimator one of our favorites. It not only fills the role of the traditional CQB short range/fast acquisition sight, but also has unique features designed specifically for longer range combat shooting. The reticle and scope ability is geared for a single shot kill on an AK-74N at 400-700 meters. It's fully coated prismatic lens system provides a remarkable, high contrast, wide angle field of view allowing for fast acquisition of moving and spaced targets. The advanced battery-free, illuminated white&green reticle allows the Obzor be used in ANY conditions. You have an unlimited field of view and maximum ability to register incoming targets. The precision optic system combined with the striking field of view produced by the high quality lens system provides far superior accuracy at distances exceeding those capable with iron sights. The scope has very accurate windage and elevation adjustments in small increments (every turret' click moves POI by 3 cm at 100 m). The special protective lens coatings protect the scope from scratching and fouling in the extreme battlefield conditions where it was designed to operate. A light-dividing mechanical and coating system produces exceptional dual visualization of the target and reticle at the same time so you see both in high resolution for better targeting. Notice the extreme temperature rating on this scope, you'll quit before it will. It comes with a carry case and an adjustment screwdriver. A definite BEST CHOICE! Compare the Obzor to Trijicon scopes and you'll find the performance equal or better at a lower price.

Additional Information

Manufacturer NPZ
Magnification 1x
Objective Aperture 32 mm
Field of View 13o
Field of View at 1000 m 300 m
Eye Relief 60 mm
Eye Relief Diameter 8 mm
Windage No
Reticle Non-standard
Illuminated Green
Red Dot Size No
Rangefinding Capability Yes
Nitrogen Purged Yes
Mount Type AK, AKM, Saiga, SLR
Waterproof No
Color Grey
Tube Diameter No
Temperature +50 to -50oC
Power Source Solar
Battery Life Unlimited
Overall Dimensions 133x152x68 mm
Item Weight 1.32 pounds
Condition New
Warranty No

Customer Reviews

Great OpticReview by Jeffrey01.05.2014
Great red dot! I had a little trouble getting it to mount on my Bulgarian 74, but Kalinka Customer Service got me on the right path, Thank you! I have no complaints. I haven't tested it on the 47 platform yet, but I imagine it will be better than my Eotech.
Great battery free funReview by russell27.04.2014
I got a "scratched" one, yeah that nick doesnt bother me in the slightest. Ive only shot with it in good light, but walking around my house in diffrent lights and playign with the solar intact part I can say it has to be pretty darn dark to get nothing in the way of an aiming point. moving around our barn the light shifts alot and the crosshairs never fully goes away but it can be a bit to get used to. I oddly havent taken it outside to run it in the moon light or starlight to check how well it works. but I slid it on and off a few times at the range and it held zero well.
Never needing batteries and to rember to turn it off is the best part, im thinking of painting a reflective spot on the top of my ak74 to push more light toward the bottom of the intake probaly test it with shinny side up tin foil and see if it helps or hinders..
Anyhow, I would deffintly buy this again and if you can get one of the scratched ones on a great deal like me, GO FOR IT!
Great scope, it is built like a tank!Review by Donovan26.04.2013
Just received my Obzor green-dot scope. Using it on my Arsenal SLR-107FR. I've got to say that I am blown away with its build quality for a russian optic. I own a couple other russian red-dots and this one is absolutely the top. I'm comparing this obzor to the PK-AS and the Kobra..... I have read the other reviews here and still bought the scope. The only downside to this scope is what one of the above posters said, if you outside in any light (direct sun, over-cast or even low light night) and walk indoors the reticle does tend to fade away. Having said that, if you are transitioning between outside to inside shooting then all you have to do is hit your weapon light and the reticle glows super bright and/or turn the defuser shade on/off. This Obzor is both ambient light (solar) and Tritium powered, just like an Acog you'll have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the ambient lighting for the reticle to be completely visible at that time. That's the only con to this scope is that if you are moving from light to dark very quickly, you have to manually turn off the shade/defuser. No other complaints, just 98% praise! Buy these now before it goes up in price.
Built like a tank and made for combatReview by Kyle11.04.2013
The Obzor 1p63 is a beast all of its own. It has decent weight, but that doesn't mean it's not worth putting on your firearm. It is a non-battery using, solar powered optic that is miles ahead of most red dots out there. A filter can be used for high-light situations, and despite being solar powered, it does have tritium inserts for night operation. It is an awesome optic to have and I would very much recommend one.
Obzor 1p63 good but not perfect.Review by Kevin27.03.2012
When I took this optic out of the box I could tell it was Built like a tank. The quality is great. In sunlight the optic is bright and looks great. At night the other portion of the optic lights up and it works great as well. Indoors however is a different story. If its dark indoors your fine, but if there is normal room light the optic tends to bleed through the background making it hard to see the chevron and cross hairs. You will experience this same visibility with overcast or low sunlight. When you place the lever up it does make the cross hairs light up brighter but it also reduces the visibility through the scope. All in all this is a great scope and will stay on my converted saiga ak-74.
Obzor 1P63 on Arsenal AK-74Review by MU54523.03.2012
Superior glass, nice field of view despite small ocular lens, and the reticle is extremely effective allowing me to place accurate hits at 100 and 200 yards as well as enabling fast target engagement at contact distance out to 7 yards. By far the best optic I have seen from Mother Russia! Its built like a T-90 MBT and it doesnt need batteries, making my AK-74/Obzor combo my go-to weapon in a safe that includes a SCAR-16 with an ACOG and an LWRC with an EOTECH!

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